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Multiware Toolkit for Peachtree V2.1
Developer's Interface to Peachtree Accounting

The Multiware Toolkit works with all versions of Peachtree 2004 through 2010, including Quantum
Did you know you can work with your Peachtree data through Microsoft Access or Excel? The Multiware Toolkit for Peachtree allows you to create custom reports, input screens, and more, by providing a direct link to your Peachtree Accounting data within a Microsoft Access database or Excel spreadsheet. You can also use the COM/ActiveX library (DLL) to work with other programming environments, so you're not limited to Microsoft Access or Excel

The Toolkit for Peachtree is intended for anyone who needs to extend the capability of the basic Peachtree package. If you're frustrated with DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) or importing/exporting transactions, the Toolkit is for you. We are an authorized reseller for this product offered by Multiware, Inc.

Questions? We offer several options:

More information about the Multiware Toolkit is listed below--see the About Multiware Toolkit section.

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Electronic download information
  • Our Multiware Toolkit for Peachtree download is a 7.2 MB compressed archive.
  • Our store allows 3 downloads within 72 hours. You will be presented with a download link upon checkout, and you will also received an e-mail with your download link.
  • The Multiware Toolkit for Peachtree requires a registration key. The version that you download from our store is the same as the fully functional demo. You must register your toolkit within 15 days.

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About Multiware Toolkit

Your purchase price includes free support and updates to the Toolkit from Multiware, Inc. for one year. Since the Toolit is frequently updated, electronic download instructions for updates are provided by e-mail from Multiware, Inc. After the first year, ongoing support for PawCOM, including updates for compatibility with future Peachtree releases, requires an annual support plan. Multiware, Inc. will contact you regarding your support plan renewal, which currently runs $149/year. Prices for support plan renewal are subject to change without notice.

The Multiware Toolkit For Peachtree is a powerful set of tools that gives you new and flexible means to exchange accounting data with your Peachtree Accounting software. This package takes advantage of the Peachtree COM/ActiveX interface to import and export accounting data. Works with Peachtree Complete or higher, versions 2004-2008, including Quantum.

The package includes four main components:
  • A COM/ActiveX library (DLL) that supports a set of objects that correspond to accounting system views
  • A Microsoft Excel workbook with more than 30 worksheet views, each with VBA code that retrieves accounting data through the COM/ActiveX library
  • An Microsoft Access database with sample imports, exports, and reports, all connected to your Peachtree Accounting system through the COM/ActiveX library
  • A standalone application that will scan your Peachtree backup for physical damage to any of your data files, giving you confidence that your backups are OK.
The Excel workbook and Access database are powerful tools that you can use "out-of-the-box", letting you 1) immediately put the package to work, pulling your data into spreadsheets and customizable reports, and 2) see how to use the objects and methods supplied in the library.

The Multiware Microsoft Excel Tool is a comprehensive set of Excel worksheets contained in one Excel workbook file, MW_ExcelToolForPT.xls. From that workbook, you can view all of your primary Peachtree accounting data. Each worksheet is formatted in a manner that produces an attractive printed output. You don't need to know how to code in VBA to access your data or modify the worksheet formatting. However, if you are comfortable with VBA code, you can do even more.

The Toolkit also includes the Multiware Microsoft Access Tool; a powerful set of forms, reports, filters, and VBA code for accessing your Peachtree Accounting data. Through the Access Tool top-level dialog, you can choose to Export data (from Peachtree), print reports, or Import data into your Peachtree-based system. More than 30 common report formats are provided as ready-to-use. Several import functions are provided as examples of VBA code you can use when creating your custom applications for channeling data into Peachtree Accounting.

Refund policy: Technical support fees and downloadable products are non-refundable. We offer free demo versions of many of our products. We will be glad to tell you before you pay if we can help you with your technical support issue. We provide free troubleshooting for 90 days on all of our custom programming projects.

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