Category: DDE

Using Data in an Array

All information returned by DDERequest is in the form of an array. To use the data in the array, you must either write the array to a cell, or use MyArray(1) to access the first item in the array, such as the current period number. In the case of distributions, which consist of 8 or 10 fields, you can use MyArray(3) to access the Item ID (the third item in the distribution), for instance, rather than post the whole array to a range of cells.

Extracting Sales Rep ID from the Sales Journal

To extract the Sales Rep ID from the Sales Journal, use the field name SALESREPID. Peachtree's documentation erroneously lists this field name as SALESREP.

Purchase Order Not Exposed

You can't access Peachtree's Purchase Order journal via DDE. Sales orders are available, but purchase orders can only be accessed by import/export or PawCOM.

Poking Dates into Peachtree

Be sure to convert dates from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to text before poking transactions into Peachtree. Spreadsheets store dates as serial numbers, which Peachtree won't accept.