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Peachtree Performance

If you're encountering excruciatingly slow performance in Peachtree, try temporarily disabling your antivirus software. If your Peachtree performance immediately improves, then the next step is to configure your antivirus software to not scan the data files within your Peachtree folder.

Updating Peachtree

What's New? – Many users don't upgrade their software. Sometimes there are valid reasons for not doing so, but in general, one should budget for period upgrades, particularly if you're using Peachtree Accounting. As discussed in the previous newsletter, users of version 7 and earlier can no longer receive technical support from Peachtree. You also will no longer be able to purchase the annual payroll tax updates! So, with that said, what will you gain from upgrading? Here's a quick synopsis of the best new features added in recent versions:
Version 8 – Major improvements in speed, a new “global search” feature on the find menu, preview for invoices and checks Peachtree 2002
Version 9 – Change accounting periods with 2 clicks via the status bar, ability to drill down to related invoices on the Receipts and Payments screens, new Year End Wizard Peachtree 2003
Version 10 – Ability to drill down on income statements viewed on screen (at last!), plus all of the annoying prompts that formerly appeared when you print a check or invoice are combined into a single screen, improved purge wizard. This isn't to say that these are the only new features in each release, but rather the features that most users will benefit most from. For a detailed version of what's new in your version of Peachtree, click Help, Contents, and double-click on What's New. Based on the pace that Peachtree includes compelling new features, many of our Peachtree clients find it best to purchase every other upgrade. No matter whether you get every other upgrade, or now every 3rd one, budget for it. Peachtree can't stay in business if no one upgrades their software, plus the new features often make life a bit easier.

PeaPeachtree Add-Ons

Peachtree Software has a new third-party add-ons area:

PeaPeriod Changed to ## Due to Unposted Entries

Just about every Peachtree user encounters this error at some point. Fortunately, it's usually easy to correct. Detailed instructions are available for a nominal fee.

Peachtree Software Product Support

Peachtree Software no longer provides support for version 9 (Peachtree 2002) and below of their Windows-based products. The latest version is Peachtree 2005 (also known as version 12). Currently, Peachtree plans to support the latest 3 versions of their product. Thus, if youre still using Peachtree 2003 (version 10), support will most likely end later this year with Peachtree 2006 (version 13), assuming Peachtree continues with their history of an annual program upgrade. Learn More

Direct Deposit

David Ringstrom's article on Peachtree Direct Deposit was published in PeachtreeExtra.

Year-end Closing in Peachtree

Peachtree Accounting enables you to have two fiscal years open at any one time. Once you close a year it's difficult to access those transactions. The solution is to make an archive copy of your Peachtree data before you close the year. Need help? Purchase detailed instructions.

Peachtree Data Checker

Check the health of your Peachtree data files with our free Data Checker. This non-invasive tool scans your Peachtree data files and reports any underlying data corruption. If the tool finds problems with your data, our repair service can help you resolve the problem.