Excel Can Help You Choose Where to Get a Meaty Lunch

by David Ringstrom,CPA
The Internet’s viral sensation of August 2014 was an off-menu Arby’s sandwich known as the “Meat Mountain.” For the low, low price of $10 you can get a stack of eight meats and two cheeses. I think even PETA has been too shocked to respond. And what exactly does this have to do with Microsoft Excel? I’m going to help you use two worksheet cells to create a clickable link to your nearest purveyor of said Meat Mountain. I’ll then show you how to create clickable links to more relevant information, such as property tax bills, or specific locations within a workbook.
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About the author:

David H. Ringstrom, CPA, heads up Accounting Advisors, Inc., an Atlanta-based software and database consulting firm providing training and consulting services nationwide. Contact David at david@acctadv.com or follow him on Twitter. David speaks at conferences about Microsoft Excel and presents webcasts for several CPE providers, including AccountingWEB partner CPE Link.