How to Create a “Chainsaw” List of Excel Worksheet Functions


By David Ringstrom, CPA

Depending upon your version of Excel, you have nearly 500 different worksheet functions at your disposal. Some worksheets functions, such as CUMIPMT and NPER, are like the chainsaw in my garage. I don’t use them very often, but when I do, no other tool will suffice. Other functions are more akin to screwdrivers and pliers in that I use these so often that I can type them in my sleep. In this article I’ll show you an easy way to keep a “chainsaw” list of functions at the ready, so you can avoid trying to remember “how’d I do that before?”

We’ll store our list in an unlikely location known as the Name Box. It’s pretty much impossible to use Excel and not notice the Name Box, which appears just above the upper-left-hand corner of the worksheet frame. Most users know this as the space in Excel where you can determine the address of the currently selected cell.


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About the author:

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