Sep 10

Microsoft Adds Key Features to Excel for iPad

by David Ringstrom,CPA   Earlier this year I wrote about my mixed feelings on Excel for iPad’s debut. My closing sentence for that article read “The early iterations of Microsoft products tend to have rough edges that get smoothed out with time.” I’m no Nostradamus, but my instincts were correct, as in the intervening months Microsoft …

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Sep 04

When Excel Dates Mysteriously Shift by 4 Years

by David Ringstrom,CPA   If you’ve attended any of my free High Impact Excel webinars then you’ve probably heard me say that Excel is fraught with nuances. Sometimes the most mundane tasks, such as copying and pasting a series of dates from one workbook to another, can send you down a mysterious rabbit hole where things turn …

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Aug 28

Hasten Your Departure with Pre-written Resignation Letter

by David Ringstrom,CPA   Are you ready to pull the plug on your current gig, but feel intimidated by that blinking cursor at the top left-hand corner of a Word document? Microsoft Word has you covered with an array of prewritten letters of resignation. Yes, we here at Going Concern are always here to serve …

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Aug 07

Exploring the Nuances of Excel’s SUM Function

by David Ringstrom,CPA   My unscientific observation is that the SUM function is likely the most used—and abused—of all worksheet functions in Excel. Although the SUM function is far better than manually adding cells together (such as =B2+B3+B4+B5+B6+B7+B8), in this article I’ll explore a couple nuances related to this venerable function. Continue reading on About the …

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Aug 04

Maximizing Excel’s Alt-Down Arrow Keyboard Shortcut

by David Ringstrom,CPA   Alt-Down Arrow is one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts in Excel. First off, it gives me an easy means to speed through repetitive data entry within a column. Second, it allows me to access Excel’s Filter arrows as well as Data Validation lists without using my mouse. I’ll run through all …

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Jul 22

Automating an Excel-Based Financial Statement

by David Ringstrom,CPA   QuickBooks allows you a fair amount of control over financial statements – just about any user can easily customize the built-in reports. Users of Enterprise Solutions and Accountant versions can go farther and use the Financial Statement Designer to integrate QuickBooks and Excel. Yet, sometimes neither of these options is sufficient, …

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Jun 25

Use Excel Pivot Tables to Analyze QuickBooks Data

by David Ringstrom When it’s time to crunch numbers in QuickBooks, most users rely on reports within the software, while others turn to analytics programs. In either case, you may still sometimes need to analyze your accounting data in new ways. Pivot tables can make quick work of figuring out patterns or issues with your data that …

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Jun 19

Embed Frequently Used Lists into Excel

by David Ringstrom,CPA   As you’re most likely aware, it’s easy to instantly create a list of days of the week or months of the year. Just type either the first three letters or the full name of a day or month in a worksheet cell, and then drag the Fill Handle across a row or …

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Jun 12

Why Solid State Drives are Worth the Extra Cost

by David Ringstrom,CPA   I’ve been following solid state drives (SSD) for years now, always thinking they were too expensive. I finally chose to make the leap recently, thanks in part to a brief mention of SSDs by Carlton Collins, and now there’s no going back. If my article sounds like technical mumbo-jumbo so far, let me clarify: …

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Jun 05

Creating an Equivalent to the MAXIF Function

by David Ringstrom,CPA   Sometimes in Excel you may want to perform an analysis based on specific criteria. For instance, if I wanted to sum only the data in Figure 1 based on the month being equal to January, SUMIF would work. I could use COUNTIF to count the number of transactions in January, or …

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May 01

Hackers have Discovered a Way into the Internet Explorer

by David Ringstrom,CPA   You’re facing a clear and present danger if, you’re using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. This isn’t just another the-sky-is-falling alert; the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued an advisory this week. The particulars of the vulnerability are a bit nerdy, but the point is that by using IE, you may be …

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Apr 29

Make QuickBooks Data Analysis More Simple in Excel

by David Ringstrom If you’re unfamiliar with certain naunces within the two programs, analyzing QuickBooks data in Excel can be an exercise in frustration. In this article, I’ll show you techniques for both programs that can transform how you crunch numbers. Among other things, I’ll share my favorite report for QuickBooks data analysis in Excel, a technique …

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Apr 18

My First Impressions of Excel for iPad

by David Ringstrom, CPA   Four years after the first iPad spreadsheet, users finally have a Microsoft-sanctioned solution. When I first installed Excel on my iPad, I immediately focused on its limitations, but upon reflection I see that Excel for iPad has certain strengths as well. To be sure, tablet computers have far to go …

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Apr 17

Step by Step

Steve and Joan Lambert have written a series of books titled Step by Step for Access 2013, Access 2010, and Access 2007.

Apr 11

Spreadsheet Check and Control

Patrick R O’Beirve created Spreadsheet Check and Control which helps users build better spreadsheets.

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