Tag: David’s Favorite Tricks

Instant Amortization Table

Add amortization table to any Excel workbook-Right-click worksheet tab, choose Insert, double-click Loan Amortization on Spreadsheet Solutions tab

Excel 2010 Filtering Trick

Filtering a list for blank rows in Excel 2010? Type a single parentheses “(” in the Search box instead of unclicking Select All and scrolling down.

Print Scale Trick

Monitor your printout size from anywhere in Excel 2007/10: On Page Layout tab, right-click on Scale, then Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Recovering Unsaved Workbooks

Accidentally close a spreadsheet without saving? In Excel 2010 choose File, Info, Manage Versions, and then Recover Unsaved Workbooks.

Format Painter Trick

Double-click Format Painter (paintbrush icon) to transfer cell formatting to multiple non-contiguous cells; press Escape when complete.

Converting Text To Numbers

Does your Excel spreadsheet contain numbers stored as text? Select the numbers, choose Data, Text to Columns, and then click Finish.

Moving Columns Trick

To move selected columns, hold the Shift down while you move the edge of your selection with left mouse.

Trick For Hiding Rows

In Excel 2007, save a couple clicks when hiding rows or columns: choose Format, Row Height or Column Width, and enter 0.

Navigation Menu Trick

Right-click on the navigation arrows in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to display a worksheet selection menu.

Formula Bar Navigation Trick

Press F2 in the formula bar to enable the arrow keys to move left and right in the formula bar without changing cell addresses.

Cell Border Trick

Apply border line to the top of SUM cell rather than the bottom of the cell above–avoids erasing border when copying formulas.