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Accounting Class Extra Credit Project


Welcome to the extra credit project for your accounting class. The project entails using this comma-separated value file to create an interactive financial statement in Microsoft Excel. The techniques are designed to help you use Excel more effectively. You may watch the video and download the handouts at no charge. An optional $1.99 grading fee is required should you choose to submit your completed spreadsheet for grading and extra credit for your accounting class.

Supporting Materials:

Project Parameters

Watch the video and create the spreadsheet shown on screen by using the comma-separated value file available above. To receive extra credit you must submit your completed spreadsheet below and pay a $1.99 grading fee.

[S3VIDEO file='Kennesaw/intcont1.mp4′ width='608′ height='461′ bgimage='https://www.acctadv.com/images/445-210.jpg']