Two things you can’t avoid: Apps and taxes

By David H. Ringstrom

For many iPhone or Android owners, apps are like potato chips: You can’t stop at just one. Indeed, apps seem to be one of the leading fads of the 2010s – even the IRS has gotten into the game.
Following is a quick rundown on six apps related to U.S. income taxes:

IRS2Go (free app) – It's official: the Internal Revenue Service has jumped on the apps bandwagon. From wherever you are, you can check your refund status, subscribe to tax update e-mail messages, or follow the IRS on Twitter. Who knew the IRS was so hip?

Tax Central from H&R Block (free app) –This app also allows you to check the status of your federal refund. Other features include a tax estimator, tax return checklist, a video gallery, and a news update center. You can try your hand at a tax quiz, and, of course, locate the H&R Block office near you.

BNA Quick Tax Reference (free app) – This free app gives you instant access to tax rates and schedules for years 2007 through 2011. The comprehensive app includes income tax rates for estates, gift taxes, ERISA, and retirement plan limits, among other features. This app also is available for BlackBerry users.

iTaxMama (free app, or $2.99 for Pro version) – AccountingWEB blogger Eva Rosenberg, aka TaxMama, has two iPhone-only apps that allow you to track when estimated taxes are due, when your extension expires, and many other tax related deadlines. The Pro version allows you to add, edit, and delete events, as well as send e-mail reminders.

TurboTax Snap Tax (free app, $14.99 to file) Anyone with a very simple tax situation can snap a picture of his or her W-2 with an iPhone, answer a few questions, and then e-file a return. Use of this app is limited to incomes of $80,000 or less ($100,000 if married) from wages, interest, or unemployment. In addition, users cannot have dependents or own any type of real estate. The $14.99 price is guaranteed through March 25, 2011, so don’t wait until the last minute to use this app.

TurboTax TaxCaster (free app) – This app allows you to project your tax situation to project your refund (or tax due). Or, if you’d rather not peck your tax details into your phone, try the free Web-based version.

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